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Learn more about what social value is, what we do, and how we came to be with articles written by members of Social Value Aotearoa.

Shaping auspicious futures with positive outcomes for communities

Shaping auspicious futures with positive outcomes for communities

Shaping auspicious futures with positive outcomes for communities

“We have done the groundwork through collaboration and learnings nationally and internationally, and SVA stands out as a platform of international best practices tailored for the New Zealand context, and we are growing. Membership with SVA offers invaluable support in understanding and embedding Social Value Measurement and Management. As part of our vibrant community, members have the opportunity to promote good practice, share knowledge and skills, and even pursue accreditation. Together, we’re shaping a future where every action counts, and every value is accounted for.

Our membership primarily comprises organisations and individuals eager to embed Social Return On Investment (SROI) and impact management into their work, fostering a culture of collective learning and sharing. We’ve developed resources, such as films and training series, to demystify SROI and facilitate organisational embedding. Through relationships across the social value and impact space, we’ve emerged as global thought leaders, particularly renowned for our Indigenous Model. Our commitment to building conversations across the impact space, hosting events, and co-hosting conferences, has been instrumental in our journey.

Internationally, SVA members are respected and sought after. Our members are frequently invited to present at conferences, showcasing our innovative approaches and practical resources. Our Indigenous model, in particular, has garnered significant attention, positioning us as thought leaders in the field. We’re deeply connected to other international networks, fostering collaboration and sharing of insights.

My journey with Social Value Aotearoa (SVA) began while I was part of the Wai-Atamai Social Innovation hub at Te Whānau o Waipareira, where our focus was on redesigning programs with whānau at the core.
At an Australian conference, some of our leadership team discovered Social Return on Investment (SROI) which aligned with the vision for making informed investment choices and understanding the real impact of our work. Through the guidance of Social Value International, we delved deeper into SROI principles, leading to the establishment of the Social Value Aotearoa Network, which is the Joint Member Network of SVI.

With a background in change management and networking I was excited to become part of setting up the network. Over nearly a decade, including two terms on the SVI Board, my involvement with SVA has been a journey of growth, collaboration, and transformation. Social Value Aotearoa stands out as a platform of international best practices, tailored for the New Zealand context. Unlike consulting agencies, we collaborate with our members to amplify their work and learnings nationally and internationally.

Looking ahead, SVA’s role is clear: to unite New Zealand’s impact community and mainstream the way we account for value. In alignment with current government priorities, SVA offers a wealth of knowledge and experience, making it a relevant and vital force for change. As we navigate complex challenges, it’s imperative to move beyond good intentions and allocate resources effectively. SVA provides a vibrant, active, and diverse membership community, united in our mission to change the world’s accounting for value”.

Jo Nicholson — Social Value Aotearoa Director